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Welcome to my FAQ page!
Here are some answers to common questions I receive: 

Do you accept commissions?

Occasionally I do take commissions when I'm between paintings, or if a project really aligns with my artistic interests. At the moment my commission waitlist is closed while I focus on personal projects, but I am always open to discussing potential client work. Feel free to contact me with details and we can discuss further! Thank you for asking, and check back here to see my waitlist status~

Commission Waitlist Status: CLOSED

Can I license your work or use your art in my video/ book/ other project?

I get this question a lot, but it depends on both the art and its use. On the whole, I'm fairly open to certain work being used and am always flattered when people ask. For casual or commercial use of my work, simply email me (link or address below) and we can work out details individually!

Spend Your Mind [web].jpg

Where can I buy your work?

Here on my website! I sell and manage my own inventory, and list all available Open Edition Fine Art & Fanart prints, Limited Edition collections, and Master Edition Canvas Prints on my Shop page.

Do you sell originals?

As a primarily digital artist, "originals" are a tricky concept since the original piece of art is technically a digital file. Instead, I create Master Edition Canvas prints, sold on vibrant, museum-quality archival canvas. Each painting is unique, signed, and comes framed and ready for its new home.

What are Limited Edition prints?

Limited Edition prints are a special way to collect my original pieces. Made on 100% Archival Cotton PhotoRag paper, each chosen image is printed in a series of twenty-five (25) 16"x24" prints, which are signed, dated, and numbered, and never to be created at these specifications again. Whenever a new Limited Edition series is made, I will make an announcement to my website subscribers, and then advertise the limited run on my social media pages. To subscribe for my newsletter and never miss a new collection, simply scroll to the bottom of this page (or any page) and enter your email in the white box.

How do you make your prints?

I get my Open Edition and Limited Edition prints made from the wonderful team at El-Co Color Labs. Their paper and ink quality are amazing and each print brings out the true depth of color and detail in my paintings.

What are your shipping and return policies?

All information on shipping, returns, and website terms can be found during product checkout, and will appear as clickable links in the footer of your checkout page.

Can I repost your work on social media?

Feel free to repost my work with credit for any non-commercial use! I believe art should be experienced, and am happy and humbled to have my art shared with others. Thank you for helping my art reach more people! If you could include links back to my website and/or social media page(s), I would really appreciate it.

Can I get your work tattooed?

Thank you for the honor! Yes, you are welcome to get my work tattooed, and I'd love to see the finished piece, if possible! Feel free to show this answer to a tattoo artist if they ask, and if you'd like to send me any money as a thank you, even if it's just a tip or enough to buy a drink, you can do so through my PayPal at

How do you make your work? / What is your preferred art medium?
Though I started as a pencil and ink artist, I now paint digitally with my CINTIQ tablet, in Photoshop. Sometimes my ideas start as a traditional sketch before taking shape on a digital canvas. I have dabbled in many mediums over the years, but after I picked up my first tablet pen in 2010 I became a digital artist and never looked back (probably due to some aspect of my perfectionism & OCD with how I work).


What motivates your work?

I have a deep fascination with philosophy, psychology, horror, and the intricate aspects of the human mind. My lifelong struggle with my social and learning disorders brought a unique perspective to my artistic expression, and has since influenced the dark and existential themes in my work.


What do you do outside of art?

When I'm not creating, I love traveling. It's a lot of fun seeing new places, thrill-seeking, and putting adventures under my belt. I also love playing RPGs and video games, and losing myself in good music, movies, or books. ❤️ 

How can I get in touch with you?

The best place to contact me with professional questions, potential client work, or anything not answered above is through email at!

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