Hello! My name is Sarah~

I'm a Virginia-based digital artist, writer, and game designer with a passion for exploring existential ideas through visual storytelling. My illustrations venture between light and dark fantasy and surrealism, as well as concept art for character and world design. Through my original work, I navigate that realm between art and psychology, seeking to paint the mind and further conversations about mental health and self-awareness.

I primarily paint on digital canvases, but got my start in pencil and inks from a love of manga, comics, and creating poster illustrations. My professional art career began in Game Design studies and took me over a variety of fields and art mediums until I earned my Bachelor’s of Individualized Study in Visual Arts and Narrative. I have worked with Chaosium on art for RuneQuest, and as Creative Director for local businesses. Now I spend much of my time traveling the convention circuit, exhibiting at select gallery spaces, and focusing my creative energy on my passion projects. There are many worlds I can't wait to bring to life, but the first will be an indie tabletop RPG called "The Hunters." More information will be available here on my website soon!  


When I’m not drawing, I enjoy playing video games and RPGs, losing myself in good music, movies, or shows, and seeking thrills in travel. ☺

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