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Copyright © 2017 Sarah Miller Creations

About Me

Hello! My name is Sarah~

I'm a digital artist, writer, and tabletop game designer. My creative work centers around concept art, character design, and illustration, with themes that dance between light and dark fantasy and surrealism. I have an immense passion for exploring existential ideas through visual storytelling. 

I primarily paint on digital canvases, but got my start in pencil and inks from a love of manga, comics, and creating poster illustrations. My professional art career began in Game Design and Animation studies and took me over various fields and art mediums until I earned my Bachelor’s of Individualized Study in Visual Arts and Narrative. I have worked with Chaosium on art for RuneQuest, as well as Creative Director for local businesses. Now I spend much of my time traveling between conventions and focusing my creative energy on my passion projects I aim to self-publish: an indie tabletop RPG called "The Hunters" with a dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic twist, and a webcomic/ graphic novel series that explores depression and mental illness, "Crow & Arrow."  


The prints I sell on my website include original work, fanart of my favorite game, anime, and comic characters, and concept art for my upcoming series. When I’m not drawing, I enjoy playing video games and RPGs, losing myself in good music, movies, or shows, and seeking thrills in travel. ☺

If you have any questions or project inquiries, feel free to contact me!