Sarah is a Virginia-based artist whose work explores existence in the space between art and psychology.
Her dark fantasy and surreal illustrations show the darkness and beauty balanced inside our minds, and seek to generate discussion and awareness about mental health and self-acceptance.


Art is a bridge for our thoughts and innermost feelings to reach one another, a bridge she uses to challenge the illusion of normalcy and the social stigmas of mental disorder. With her work, Sarah hopes to create a more open atmosphere where people can feel less alone with who they are.

Sarah has exhibited at Mills Pond Gallery in New York, LightSpaceTime and Envision Arts in California, and travels to conventions and festivals across the country each year. Her art has been featured in Envision Arts magazine and in local Virginia news. In addition to Fusion Arts Solo Spotlight winner for digital artist of the month, she has also won first place achievements in LightSpaceTime’s Primary Colors exhibition for overall winner, and in the Photography and Digital Arts category.

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